Humanity on the Move: Migration in the Age of Walls and Borders | Global Security Review

A version of this article was originally published by E-IR.
“Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the number of border walls between nations has more than quadrupled” precisely at a time when cultural and economic globalization has both simultaneously and paradoxically promoted and invited greater human mobilization and internationalization of production, workforce, and education.…


A new formula for the UN Security Council | Global Security Review

For the best part of a decade, paralysis has plagued the United Nations Security Council. Most recently, the International Rescue Committee described the Council’s response to the coronavirus as “shameful.” As the pandemic rages on, and UN members fail to answer the Secretary-General’s call for a global ceasefire, the need to address divisions at the Security Council is more critical than ever.…


Will the United States Lead the Post-COVID World? | Global Security Review

The coronavirus is the most significant health, security, economic, and geopolitical challenge that the world has experienced since World War Two. The global pandemic has challenged the United States’ capacity and readiness to lead international efforts during this transformative crisis to overcome the global health emergency.…


Realpolitik & Cooperation in the Age of COVID-19 | Global Security Review

György Spiró’s novel Captivity follows the travels of a Jewish boy, Uri, who grew up on the outskirts of Rome. In the first book, Uri arrives in Jerusalem; in the second book, he is imprisoned with a cellmate who is a preacher in his thirties and considered a prophet by his followers.…

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