Tesla’s stock sinks again to kick off a correction after disclosure of another large seller

Tesla’s stock sinks again to kick off a correction after disclosure of another large seller

Shares of Tesla Inc. took another dive Wednesday to kick off a correction, after the electric vehicle maker disclosed that one of its largest shareholders sold off a chunk of stock, although the sale was effectively just a rebalancing as the value of the stake has actually increased. See full story.

I’m 60, my spouse is 45 — can I retire if our expenses are $12,000 a month?

Have a question about retirement, including where to retire? Email [email protected] See full story.

The pros are getting ready for a market crash — retail investors, not so much, top economist warns

Mohamed El-Erian, Allianz’s chief economic adviser, explained in an op-ed for the Financial Times how action in the options market should be taken as a warning by retail investors who have been cashing in on the stock market’s relentless push higher. See full story.

Renters in U.S. cannot be evicted through the end of the year due to coronavirus, CDC order states

To be eligible for protection, renters will need to provide proof of their inability to pay rent because of the pandemic. See full story.

My father left me money for a house — and my husband put his name on the deed. How do I ensure it goes to our kids?

‘When his mother passed away, he received an inheritance of $8,000. I was never told about this money, and he spent all of it.’ See full story.


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