A lot of bad news is converging on the stock market — here’s how to deal with it

A lot of bad news is converging on the stock market — here’s how to deal with it

As market weakness develops, scale into stocks that get hit the most. See full story.

Race for a COVID-19 vaccine has drug makers scaling up manufacturing — before one is developed

Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. has yet to share results from the Phase 1 trial for its COVID-19 vaccine candidate, but has already received millions of dollars in funding to scale up manufacturing capacity. See full story.

This single mother started with $20,000 and is now an early-retired millionaire — here’s one thing that helped her

Mentorship goes a long way, especially when the pair can connect on important values or life experiences. See full story.

Here’s everything coming to Netflix in July 2020 — and what’s leaving

‘The Baby-Sitters Club,’ ‘Umbrella Academy,’ Charlize Theron in ‘The Old Guard’ and much more on the way See full story.

Apple patents reveal ambitions in augmented reality and more

Apple Inc.’s latest software announcements may have been fairly standard, but the company has some tricks up its sleeve—at least if its patent filings are any indication. See full story.


A cash-out refinance may seem attractive to Americans looking to beef up their financial reserves amid economic turmoil, but there are drawbacks. See full story.

Originally published on MarketWatch

S&P 500 
$3,170.21  -0.30%  
$10,653.23  0.46%  
Dow Jones Industrial Average 
$26,059.25  -0.87%  
Apple Inc. 
$377.03  0.85%  
Alphabet Inc. 
$1,509.33  0.91%  
189,62 €  1.76%  
Tesla, Inc. 
$1,374.28  0.20%  
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. 
$272,752.00  -0.47%  
AbbVie Inc. 
$99.35  0.34%  
Costco Wholesale Corporation 
$313.28  0.57%  
Smartsheet Inc. 
$51.79  1.58%  
Zai Lab Limited 
$84.48  2.65%  
Western Digital Corporation 
$42.51  -1.02%  
NVIDIA Corporation 
$399.46  1.50%  
Gold Aug 20 
$1,806.50  0.72%  
Crude Oil Aug 20 
$40.72  0.22%  
$9,269.28  -1.13%  
Bitcoin Cash USD 
$238.03  -1.28%  
$43.63  -0.76%  
$239.00  -1.04%  
Dogecoin USD 
$0.0029  10.06%