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Op-Ed: UAE-Bahrain deals with Israel offer chance at a ‘warm peace,’ economic growth and a moderate Mideast alliance

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, U.S. President Donald Trump and United Arab Emirates (UAE) Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed display their copies of signed agreements as they participate in the signing ceremony of the Abraham Accords, normalizing relations between Israel and some of its Middle East neighbors, in a strategic realignment of Middle Eastern countries against Iran, on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, U.S.,…


Op-ed: What matters for cannabis investors heading into the November elections

Chopsticks are used to carry the buds as card-carrying medical marijuana patients watch a weighing at Los Angeles’ first-ever cannabis farmer’s market at the West Coast Collective medical marijuana dispensary, on the fourth of July, or Independence Day, in Los Angeles, California on July 4, 2014 where organizer’s of the 3-day event plan to showcase high quality cannabis from growers and vendors throughout the state.…


Op-ed: Why next work-from-home phase could be ‘death by a thousand cuts’ if remote IT doesn’t improve

JGI/Jamie Grill

When the shelter-in-place orders were first enacted, we sprinted to get our systems running to enable remote work. I’ve heard people describe our current remote work state as a marathon, but I think our situation is more like a triathlon that requires proficiency in multiple disciplines and a mastery of many technologies. …

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