Triple MACD Strategy for Swing Trading

NASDAQ swing trading

Triple MACD Strategy For Swing Trading Before we go into details of the strategy, I need to mention that this is a high-risk strategy and should be tested by experienced traders only. You should never execute a trade without a stop loss and I strongly recommend trading on a paper account. Let’s get to it. In a nutshell, […]

I.C.I. – Impulse Correction Impulse Swing Trading Strategy

EURUSD Daily Impulse

I.C.I. – Impulse Correction Impulse Strategy I.C.I. is a swing trading strategy where you identify impulse above a structure level, wait for the correction and confirmation, and once confirmed, you take a trade on the second impulse. You need to be able to identify the structure and know-how to use Fibonacci. You need to have […]