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Intel Drops A Bomb On The Silicon AI Market (NASDAQ:INTC)

Intel Drops A Bomb On The Silicon AI Market (NASDAQ:INTC)

Introduction and Investment Thesis
Early this year, I detailed that Intel (INTC) was poised to lead the AI revolution over the coming decade. The widespread adoption of AI will contribute significantly to demand for (Intel) compute silicon, and hence, will be a growth driver for the company.…

AbbVie: The End Of Suffering (NYSE:ABBV)

AbbVie: The End Of Suffering (NYSE:ABBV)

Now, almost 1-year later with the Allergan deal closed, new drug launches being successful, and immunology and oncology segments continuing to grow, there is no more suffering.
AbbVie’s (ABBV) stock has seen a remarkable turnaround following the announced merger with Allergan around a year ago.…

Boeing Suffers Blow (NYSE:BA)

Boeing Suffers Blow (NYSE:BA)

In Monday’s trade, shares of Boeing (BA) gained 14.4% on news of a series of certification flights that should eventually send the Boeing 737 MAX back to commercial service (if supporting demand exists) by year-end.…

The Market Correction Begins

The Market Correction Begins

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Nothing changes sentiment like price. Merely 3 weeks back, it appeared that the sky was the limit for the stock market, and even news that was slightly less horrible was enough to propel the S&P 500 to 3,200.…

S&P 500 
$3,130.01  (0.45%)
$10,341.89  (0.61%)
Dow Jones Industrial Average 
$25,827.36  (0.36%)
Apple Inc. 
$364.11  (0.00%)
Alphabet Inc. 
$1,464.70  (1.85%)
184,08 €  (0.28%)
Tesla, Inc. 
$1,208.66  (7.95%)
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. 
$267,551.00  (0.20%)
AbbVie Inc. 
$98.88  (-0.26%)
Costco Wholesale Corporation 
$305.74  (0.32%)
Smartsheet Inc. 
$52.70  (-2.15%)
Zai Lab Limited 
$81.10  (1.76%)
Western Digital Corporation 
$42.44  (-0.02%)
NVIDIA Corporation 
$384.49  (0.86%)
Gold Aug 20 
$1,785.80  (-0.23%)
Crude Oil Aug 20 
$40.05  (-1.48%)
$9,112.94  (-0.11%)
Bitcoin Cash USD 
$222.30  (0.06%)
$41.49  (0.02%)
$227.18  (-0.96%)
Dogecoin USD 
$0.0023  (-1.93%)