About Alpha Scala

Alpha Scala has been created in 2020 with a goal to provide data-right information. We saw the growing importance of aggregating the top news and analysis in today’s noisy world.

Alpha Scala’s focus is on “enabling your investment success”.

Our mission is to provide the most relevant and data-rich information for your success. We aggregate stock market insights, financial analysis, business and politics news, and investment ideas from top sites on Alpha Scala.

Our news includes information about world economics, politic situation, hedge funds portfolio management, stocks development, best analysts insight.

We strive to grow our business by focusing on providing the best insight. Because we believe that if we can help you grow, we will grow.

Our product has been built for all type of investors – small, medium, forex, real-estate and others – and our sources are only from reputable websites or from analysts with a proven track record of success.

Alpha Scala Team

S&P 500 
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$10,341.89  (0.61%)
Dow Jones Industrial Average 
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Apple Inc. 
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Alphabet Inc. 
$1,464.70  (1.85%)
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Tesla, Inc. 
$1,208.66  (7.95%)
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. 
$267,551.00  (0.20%)
AbbVie Inc. 
$98.88  (-0.26%)
Costco Wholesale Corporation 
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Smartsheet Inc. 
$52.70  (-2.15%)
Zai Lab Limited 
$81.10  (1.76%)
Western Digital Corporation 
$42.44  (-0.02%)
NVIDIA Corporation 
$384.49  (0.86%)
Gold Aug 20 
$1,785.80  (-0.23%)
Crude Oil Aug 20 
$40.05  (-1.48%)
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$227.18  (-0.96%)
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